Bending is an everlasting them for cold drawn tube makers.

We have been giving high priority to manufacture straight tube by our press over the years.

For example,tubes are used as rods for Crans,those tubes are used without cutting,I mean their length are over 7M or 8M.

Of course those have to be straightness.

That's our coustmers want and we have met their demand over years!

In this field,we maintain No1 Share in Japan.

The traditional press technique has been inherited from generation to generation.

The traditional press technique will never rust. 

There is curvature of tubes more or less.

You might increase grinding allowance to improve your services.

Don't you think that it cann't be helped?

You can reduce grinding allowance if you get better accuracy dimension of straight tubes.

We can offer you tubes that straightness to increase in 0.5mm or fewer.

Why don't you reduce grinding allowance with our tubes?

It is certain that " shorter working hours" and  "cost saving" at your company.

It is time to use our product now!

If you do press by yourself before manufacturing ,please contact us.We promise to manufacture the accuracy dimension of straight tube to meet your demand.

As satisfactory result,the length 3M and it's straightness tolerance is 0.3mm and fewer.

We are ready to work out our problem.

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“We are Cold Drawn tube maker in Japan.”
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made in Japan.”