Our Main Products

1. CDS/ERW-DOM Honed Tubes with & without Hard Chrome Plating.

    CDS/ERW-DOM Un-honed Tubes-Suitable for Horning.

                                    1)Carbon Steel Tubes for Cylinder Barrels

    CDS/ERW-DOM Tubes and Pipes

                                    2)Carbon Steel Pipes for Pressure Service

                                    3)Carbon Steel Pipes for High Pressure SErvice

                                    4)Carbon Steel Pipes for High Temperature Service

                                    5)Carbon Steel Boiler and Heat Exchanger Tubes

                                    6)Bend or Rifle Tubes

  *We are not only Cold Drawn Tube Maker in Japan but also a distributor of

    tubes and paipes in Japan.


2. Aluminium Alloy Tubes .

     With Alumite Coated (Hard Anodized) for Pneumatic Cylinders.


3. Hard Chrome Plated Steel Bars.

     Three(3) Different Quality-As Rolled (No Heat Treated),

     Hardened & Tempered,and Induction Hardened.


4. Continuous Casted Iron Bars.

     Round,Square and Rectangular Shapes.

     To be used for various components of Hydraulic Equipments.


5. Cold Drawn Square Bars (Mild Steel).

     To be used as Cylinders Covers.


6. Hydraulic Line Service Tubing (OST-2).


7. Screws &Barrels for Plastic Machines.


8. Fully Machines Parts for Any Machines' Components.

     Shall be manufactured according to your drawings.


9. High Tensile Non-Hardened and Non-tempered Steel Bars.

     Hard Chrome Plated with or without Induction Hardened.


10. Slide Shafts and Slide Bearings,etc.


11. Piston Rings for Die Casting Machines.


12. Stainless Steel Precision Grond Bars,High Carbon Tool Steel Bars.


13. PVC Lined Steel Pipes.

     Used for Drinking Water Supply Lines.


14. NYLON or PVC Coated Steel Pipes,

     Used for GAS Pipe Lines for Housings,Buildings,Gas Stations etc.


15. Stainless Steel / Brass / Aluminium etc. Pipes and Tubes.


16. Stainless Miniture Tubes.

     We can supply 0.1mm OD x 0.025mm WT x 0.2mm L Tube at Minimum.


17. Hot Dipped Aluminized Steel Pipes.

     Used mainly for Exhaust Pipes , Mufflers etc.


18. Boring Tubes (Diamond Drill Tubes).

     Precision Tubes for Mineral Exploration Drilling.


19. Engineering Plastic Products -Bars, Pipes, Plates, Sheets etc.

     Available materials are MC Nylon, Polypenco Acetyl , Polyethylene,66 Nylon

     etc.You can machine them into various Products and componensts.

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“We are Cold Drawn tube maker in Japan.”
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