Established            August 1935

The annual turnover        2.5 billion yen

Head Office and Plant

3-158 kaisancyo Sakai-ku

Sakai City Osaka Japan

TEL : +81-72-233-7461

Fax : +81-72-228-1821


Kaisan warehouse      3-154 Kaisancho海山倉庫内.JPG Sakai-ku Sakai city Osaka Japan


Sanpo   warehouse       2-278 Sanpocho Sakai-ku Sakai city Osaka Japan


Main Customers               TADANO,KOMATSU,KYB,KATO,YANMER,
                                                                       CAT JAPAN etc

Exports                                                          Indonesia,Oceania,China,Malaysia,Thailand

Scope of business                                        Manufacture and sales of cold drawn tubes.

Certifications                                                JISG3444,G3445,G3441,G3454,G3455,G3456,G3461

                                                                       ISO 9001,14001

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“We are Cold Drawn tube maker in Japan.”
“We are proud that offer you the best quality tube
made in Japan.”